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Maintenance and Repairs

De Heinzelmann CHEF-X is met de allergrootste zorg en speciaal ontwikkeld en ontworpen om veelvuldig te gebruiken. Voor een optimaal werkende machine adviseren we een jaarlijkse onderhoudsbeurt uit te laten voeren. De kosten voor jaarlijks onderhoud zijn afhankelijk van wat er aan de CHEF-X moet worden gerepareerd of onderhouden. Je ontvangt eerst een offerte van de geraamde kosten. Wil je toch geen reparatie of onderhoud laten uitvoeren en de machine retour gestuurd krijgen factureren we € 80,- excl. BTW aan onderzoeks -en verzendkosten.

The CHEF-X is an electric powered machine and, as with other electric machines, it is possible for a malfunction to occur. We find that annoying and are happy to resolve it as quickly as possible. Do you have a malfunction with your CHEF-X or want to bring the Heinzelmann in for maintenance? Then follow these steps:

1. Download the maintenance/failure form here and fill it out completely. If the form is not completely filled out, the failure/repair cannot be performed. The serial number can be found on the silver-gray sticker on the bottom of the machine. Enter the LOT + S/N number listed under the bar code. Print the fully completed form for step 4 as well.

2. Mail the completed form to [email protected]

3. You will receive a shipping ticket in your email from us, print it out. Only with our shipping ticket is the machine insured.

4. Before shipping, clean your machine thoroughly. Our mechanics are not a cleaning company. Any cleaning charges will be passed on at all times. (including when a machine is within the warranty period)

5. Protect your machine well and therefore pack it as well as possible in a good, large and sturdy box (preferably use the original packaging if possible).

Fill up the box on all sides of the machine by minimally 5 cm with, for example, bubble wrap, newspapers, cardboard paper or a combination of everything so that no shipping damage can occur to the machine.

Please note: Heinzelmann Benelux is not responsible and liable for any damage incurred during transport.

Our advice: take pictures of the machine before sending it in.

Improper method of packaging

Proper way of packaging

6. Now put the printed repair form in the box with the machine. Seal the box tightly and stick the shipping ticket you received from us on the box. Of course, you can also arrange your own courier and use a different shipping ticket (this is at your own expense)

7. The box (with the machine, completed form and shipping ticket) will be picked up from you by the courier. So you don’t have to take the machine anywhere yourself.

8. After repair or maintenance, the Heinzelmann is returned by courier.