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Warranty conditions Heinzelmann Benelux:

These conditions on the manufacturer’s warranty (“Conditions”) apply only to Heinzelmann devices. The rights under these Terms are in addition to the rights you, have based on the legal warranty against the Heinzelmann Benelux.

Under the legal warranty, in certain cases you are entitled to free delivery of something missing from the product, free repair or free replacement of the product. These Terms in no way affect these legal rights. Based on these Terms and Conditions, Heinzelmann Benelux gives on devices (“Warranty”) in accordance with what is indicated below.

Heinzelmann Benelux only guarantees warranty on newly delivered items of the Heinzelmann brand only. Goods delivered by Heinzelmann Benelux and/or Martijn van Roon “Kitchen Gear for Pros” under factory warranty are exclusively subject to the relevant factory warranty terms and conditions.

Scope of warranty:

  • Heinzelmann Benelux guarantees its appliances for a period of 24 months for consumers and 12 months for professional use. This period commences at the time of delivery to the first end user (“Warranty Period”). Coverage starts automatically at the time of delivery.
  • During the Warranty Period, defects on a device, which can be traced back to a material, design and/or production error, will be remedied by Heinzelmann Benelux free of charge. It is understood that these defects must be reported to Heinzelmann Benelux and/or Kitchen Gear for Pros during the Warranty Period, and immediately after their discovery.
  • The Warranty on “new devices”. This means devices that, up to the time of delivery to the end user, have not been used. Devices that have minor damage but have not been used are considered “new devices,” and are thus covered by this Warranty. Appliances that have served as demo or showroom models are not “new appliances” and are therefore not covered by this Warranty.


Not covered under this Warranty are:

  • Devices that are not “new” (see article scope of warranty)
  • Defects in, or damage to, a device reported after the Warranty Period
  • Fragile -and wear parts of an appliance such as knobs, cups, lids and knives.
  • Expected deterioration of functionalities of the device
  • Minor deviations from the desired characteristics of the device, insofar as they are not important for the value and functionality of the device
  • Damage due to the chemical and electrochemical action of water and generally due to anomalous environmental conditions or contact with substances to which the device is not otherwise resistant
  • Defects to, or damage caused by, a device attributable to relocation by or on behalf of the end user, improper installation, improper use, improper operation, improper loading, and/or noncompliance with the device’s installation or operating instructions
  • Defects to, or damage by, a device that can be traced to improper execution, or failure to execute, the maintenance and cleaning instructions specified in the device’s operating instructions
  • Defects in, or damage caused by, a device repaired by persons not authorized to do so by Heinzelmann Benelux and causing the defect or damage
  • Defects in, or damage caused by, a device fitted with spare parts or extensions or accessories other than original Heinzelmann Benelux products and causing the defect or damage
  • Appliances whose nameplate, E number (type number), LOT number (manufacturing number) and/or serial number of the appliance has been removed, altered or illegible
  • Heinzelmann devices purchased from a seller located outside the Benelux zone (see also article Abroad).

Repair of appliances:

  • If a device is covered by the Warranty, defective parts of that device will be repaired free of charge or replaced with sound parts free of charge, at Heinzelmann’s option
  • Replaced parts become the property of Heinzelmann Benelux

Replacement of devices

  • As far as repair or replacement of parts of the appliance (see article repair of appliances) is not reasonably possible, Heinzelmann Benelux will – if requested by the end user – within a reasonable period of time, deliver a new appliance as equivalent as possible.
  • The device that is replaced becomes the property of Heinzelmann Benelux

Procedure Warranty

– Phone;

– E-mail;

– Online form.

  • The end user can also find the contact information on the website,
  • If an end-user wishes to invoke this Warranty, he must present the complete and unaltered purchase receipt with purchase and/or delivery date. Heinzelmann Benelux may request additional proof of purchase, previous repairs and/or the warranty certificate.
  • A claim for on-site repair is not possible

Consistency of Warranty

If this Warranty is successfully invoked, this does not result in an extension of the Warranty Period nor does it constitute the beginning of a new Warranty Period. The Warranty Period for parts ends at the same time as the Warranty Period for the device as a whole.

Other receivables

Apart from claims arising from the legal warranty or other warranties entered into by the end user, the end user shall not be entitled to any claims other than those mentioned in this Warranty.


If an item is shipped to a country other than one of the Benelux countries (“Country of Destination”) and you are making a warranty claim, the customer must provide his own transportation to Heinzelmann Benelux. Relocation of a device to a country outside the Benelux zone will void this Warranty.

Other information

Heinzelmann Benelux processes personal data in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG). More information about this processing can be found on the website.