Heinzelmann CHEF-X Titanium knife with seal

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Whether you need a replacement or just want a spare Have, this CHEF-X titanium-coated knife will certainly do what those must do. Premium Grade 420 stainless steel with titanium coating helps the knife at strengthen and corrosion at occurrence, and after at its sharpened, will the the steel edge underneath uncover, allowing u the dear edge gets with a higher strength and resistance at corrosion about the length from the knife. This mixing knives its only made for Heinzelmann CHEF-X. Keep er account mee that this knife is delivered with the seal.

  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Material meets EU food contact standard
  • Material meets RoHS standard
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Easy to use, easy to clean and built to last. The Heinzelmann CHEF-X is ready for daily use in the professional kitchen.