Heinzelmann CHEF-X Whisk

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It couldn’t be simpler: pour cold whipping cream into Heinzelmann Chef-X, add sugar or flavorings like vanilla and whip for a minute or two, until it’s the right consistency. The bowl and knife can be at room temperature, so the whole process takes only a few moments.

The CHEF-X Whisk is perfect for preparing sauces and mousses, whipping egg whites, cream, mayonnaise or making your favorite butter with herbs and spices.

Tip! When using your CHEF-X Whisk, do not go higher than speed 4.

  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Material meets EU food contact standard
  • Material meets RoHS standard
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Easy to use, easy to clean and built to last. The Heinzelmann CHEF-X is ready for daily use in the professional kitchen.